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Opportunity to play at Westgate School Winchester on Fridays

Just to remind you that every Friday during term time we have table tennis available from 7 - 9pm at Westgate Gymnasium in Cheriton Road, SO22 5AZ, next to the Westgate Badminton Centre. It costs just £3 per session.

It's an excellent opportunity to pop in for a couple of hours, whether you want to play singles or doubles, or simply have a knock for fun. If you have any children of playing age why not bring them along as well. We have a number of promising juniors who come to us for coaching, and some will be there on Fridays.

Paddy Shephard , South Wonston TT Club's Chief Coach, writes "On Sunday 21 Feb we took 8 young players from South Wonston TTC to the Southern Area Inter-Regional Qualifying tournament. There are 10 Regions in England, and the Southern one comprises Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Oxford and Surrey.
All the players were boys ranging from Under 11 to Cadet (Under 15). All played well and improved their experience of tournament play. The boys who took part were Under 11s Will Nye , Harry Birch and Ben Mercer; Under 13s Blake Sanderson , Matt James , Finlay Peters , Ben Sauve, and Cadet Ed Robertson .
In the Under 11s Will Nye and Harry Birch were both undefeated in their groups. In the rearranged groups Will was unlucky and lost a three-setter which meant he did not qualify.
Harry Birch
Harry lost only two matches and has now qualified for the Finals, which are to be held in Kettering on the week-end of 21 and 22 May. There he will play for the Southern Region Under 11 Boys Team against all the other regional teams, and on the Sunday he'll take part in the individual tournament. The only players excluded from this competition are the 20 best players in England at each age group."

Annual Tournament dates for your diary

Entry forms for U15, U18, here:
U15, U18 Entry form
Heats (Seniors)
Sunday 17th April 2016, IBM Sports Hall
U15 Heats
Thursday 17th March at Westgate School Gymnasium, 6 pm
Entry form
U18 Heats
Friday 18th March at Westgate School Gymnasium, 6 pm
Entry form
Saturday 23rd April 2016, Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall

Team Cups

League Report

Division 1

Five Tees A 15161.fiveteesavssouthwonstona.2.html South Wonston A
This was probably the match of the week, if not of the season! In a night of many 5-setters, the final 3 all started with the ultimate winner going 2 games down and then coming back to win 3-2. 3 different Five Tees A players, 3 against-the-odds wins, turning a 3-4 down match situation into a dramatic 6-4 win! Hugo Gregan started the ball rolling for Five Tees A by recovering from 0-2 (games) and 7-10 (points) down to win 3-2. A late-finishing match was followed by nightmares that night for South Wonston A, no doubt.

IBM B 15161.ibmbvskingsb.2.html Kings B
Patrick Garlick helped himself to 3 Singles wins and the Doubles for Kings B. Roy Bright lost a couple of 5-setters narrowly, but that was about as close as it got for Kings B.

Kings A 15161.kingsavsmedsteada.2.html Medstead A
Few legs got past the third set as the Division 1 leaders hammered their lowly-placed opponents. Cameron Brealey and Barry Ross took every Singles win avalable to them, as well as the Doubles.

Division 2

Five Tees B 15161.fiveteesbvsswanmorea.2.html Swanmore A
Anne Longland and David Westbrook have been on formidable form for Five Tees B, so even though this looked a close match in terms of Division 2 placings, Anne and David's extra quality (3 wins each) made the difference. Kevin Muldowney and John Reeves distinguished themselves by playing the League's longest leg of the season (by a big margin!), with John just shading the win.

South Wonston B 15161.southwonstonbvskingsc.2.html Kings C
Two of South Wonston's younger players, Harry Gavins and Ollie Kierans , have been beating an increasing proportion of Division 2's heaviest hitters since Christmas, so this win was perhaps to be expected. South Wonston B are now as likely as anyone to be facing the challenges and rewards of Division 1 next season.

Winnall 15161.winnallvssouthwonstonc.2.html South Wonston C
Even without a third player, Winnall were just too strong for South Wonston C. Russell Durham duly won his 3, but Martyn Davey secured a moment of pleasure for South Wonston C by taking a long 5-setter off Dave Hooker .

Division 3

Kings D 15161.kingsdvsfiveteesc.2.html Five Tees C
Five Tees C may not have gathered many points this season, but they make sure they and their opponents have an enjoyable evening, with laughs as well as hard-fought points. Three wins each for Barry Mitchell and Aedan Goodenough .

South Wonston D 15161.southwonstondvsibmc.2.html IBM C
South Wonston D produced one of their youngest-ever teams. Ed Robertson , who recently became Hampshire Schools U13 Runner-up, won all 3 of his Singles matches. Harry Birch , who will be representing the Southern Region in the England U11 Team championships at Kettering in May, won a Winchester League match on debut, as did Matt James . Well done, all 3!

Swanmore B 15161.swanmorebvsowslebury.2.html Owslebury
Both sides put out their statistically strongest teams for this match, so the margin of victory was suprisingly big. Plenty of close matches, though. 3 wins each for Swanmore B's Kevin Sage and Ian Burgess .
Paddy Shephard has contributed a very interesting article about his trip to the World Cup in Sweden (October 2015). It includes ideas he picked up as a coach - ideas which can make you a better player! Read Paddy's article here
Whoever you are - YOU can play table tennis in and near Winchester!

Important information for Division 2 Clubs

If you are travelling to an away match versus
Winnall ..

Winnall's home venue (Tubbs Hall in Kings Worthy)

will not be available until 8:00 pm, until further notice.

Please make sure your team-mates are aware!
If you havenít already joined or renewed as a Player Member of Table Tennis England you MUST do so before playing your first league match. Itís very easy on It is a requirement of ALL playing members, gives you Public Liability Insurance and will save you being hounded by the committee. Any queries , please contact the League Secretary

Plastic balls to be used in 2015-16

Table Tennis England has issued advice recommending that all competitive table tennis should be played using plastic balls. In Winchester League plastic balls will be used in all Divisions and tournaments in the 2015-16 season. These are available from Mick Bryant of Kings TT Club, who writes "Kings are using Stag Xushaofa Balls. We have a surplus. If any clubs are interested, the price is £3.50 for a box of 3. Kings TTC is open on 27th July, or phone me on 01962 865713 for details." You can also find suppliers on the Internet.
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Team Captains/Contacts, 2015-16
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Muscular pain or injury? Bernard Stebbing 's wife Amanda is a fully qualified Massage Therapist. 20% "table tennis" discount available on request for players and their families! See Amanda's web page here , or call her on 07732 669 639.
Great video of the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) really enjoying a game of table tennis. Thanks to Dom Evans for letting me know about it! Send your favourite topical video clips to
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League Tables And Results, 2015-16
Mouse over the scores to see the scorecard in the League grids below!
If 'points' are equal, 'wins' are considered next, then head-to-head results between the 'equal' teams.
Cells coloured like   this   indicate matches that may have been re-scheduled. No scorecard has been received yet, anyway!
Division 1
Pos PlayedWon DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Kings A IBM A South Wonston A IBM B Five Tees A Kings B Medstead A
1 Kings A 13 8 2 3 6.77 88 Kings A   2-8 5-5 4-6 8-2 8-2 10-0    9-1
2 IBM A 10 9 1 0 7.50 75 IBM A 5-5   6-4 8-2 9-1 9-1 9-1
3 South Wonston A 13 5 2 6 5.31 69 South Wonston A 2-8 3-7   1-9 7-3 9-1 8-2
4 IBM B 11 7 1 3 6.00 66 IBM B 7-3   5-5   4-6 8-2    6-4 7-3
5 Five Tees A 12 7 0 5 5.08 61 Five Tees A 3-7   6-4    6-4 2-8   7-3 10-0
6 Kings B 13 1 0 12 2.38 31 Kings B 0-10 3-7 0-10 6-4 3-7   3-7
7 Medstead A 12 2 0 10 2.50 30 Medstead A 1-9 3-7 3-7   2-8 7-3  

Division 2
Pos PlayedWon DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints South Wonston B Five Tees B Swanmore A Winnall Medstead B Kings C South Wonston C
1 South Wonston B 13 8 2 3 6.23 81 South Wonston B   3-7 5-5 7-3 6-4 8-2    8-2 10-0
2 Five Tees B 11 9 1 1 7.18 79 Five Tees B 9-1   8-2    9-1   9-1 7-3 9-1
3 Swanmore A 13 6 2 5 5.15 67 Swanmore A 6-4 4-6   5-5 3-7 6-4 1-9
4 Winnall 12 7 1 4 5.50 66 Winnall 3-7 6-4 3-7   3-7 6-4 7-3    6-4
5 Medstead B 12 6 2 4 5.00 60 Medstead B 5-5 5-5 2-8 2-8   6-4 7-3
6 Kings C 13 1 0 12 3.23 42 Kings C 2-8 4-6 0-10 3-7 4-6   6-4
7 South Wonston C 12 2 0 10 2.92 35 South Wonston C 1-9   1-9 1-9 2-8 6-4  

Division 3
Pos PlayedWon DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Hursley Swanmore B Kings D Owslebury South Wonston D IBM C Five Tees C
1 Hursley 12 11 0 1 7.25 87 Hursley   7-3 7-3 7-3 2-8 9-1 8-2
2 Swanmore B 13 8 0 5 5.69 74 Swanmore B 3-7   3-7 3-7    9-1 3-7 6-4 7-3
3 Kings D 13 6 2 5 5.54 72 Kings D 3-7 4-6   4-6 5-5 3-7 9-1    8-2
4 Owslebury 13 6 1 6 5.15 67 Owslebury 3-7 4-6 4-6   3-7 6-4 8-2
5 South Wonston D 13 6 2 5 4.46 58 South Wonston D 0-10 0-10 2-8 0-10   3-7    6-4 5-5
6 IBM C 13 3 1 9 4.00 52 IBM C 2-8 1-9 3-7 3-7 2-8   5-5
7 Five Tees C 13 0 4 9 3.08 40 Five Tees C 2-8 4-6 5-5 5-5 3-7 1-9  

Actual promotions/demotions will depend on whatever League structure is decided for next season.

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Scenes from Kings TT Club, at Kings Worthy, near Winchester
Plenty of tables, plenty of action!
Every Monday (almost), from 7:15 pm

Interested in Russia?
history, politics, art, music?
The Winchester Russian Circle
Meets every 2-3 weeks
at the University of Winchester and Winchester College.
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